The strengths of a strategic approach


KMS Associates brings to the recruiting process customized solutions, a systematic approach and uncompromising commitment, which promises results to meet dynamic business challenges and needs in today’s market and beyond.


We have found that the key to achieving long-term sustainability and results involves interactive and collaborative efforts.  We are driven to understand what works for our clients and people we recruit.


We recognize that the ability to accurately interpret the needs of a client is just part of the equation. Job descriptions are mere shells without the vision and energy of the right people.


Companies that seek the right kind of people know that settling for what they can afford is running half the race.  We did deep to go beyond the obvious and do not settle for what’s readily available in our quest for the right talent.


Finding the right talent is a skill that we have perfected over 25 years of recruiting practices, acquiring insights and market intelligence. Conditioned by years of gauging client needs, not unlike a finely tuned GPS, we have become experts in accurately navigating the talent landscape.

The Advantage of Adaptability

The WIDE (Wisdom, Ingenuity, Distinctiveness, Engagement) approach to search consultancy is a proprietary tool uniquely adaptable to the changing requirements of our clients.   Our objective is to foster a spirit of excellence in our actions and create win-win situations for all concerned, our clients and the talent we attract.

Executive & Career Coaching

Our Client base includes:

  • Mid-level and high-achieving corporate leaders
  • Individuals who go the extra mile and seeking assistance for promotions
  • People seeking a career change or in transition from losing their job
  • Having a strong desire to succeed in their goals and need a boost to get there


Executive Coaching

Search firms are hired by companies to find high caliber talent, typically in the top 10% of the candidate pool.  We understand what companies value in selecting and promoting people internally.  There exists a compatibility equation of standards, some of which include specific experience, demonstrated performance with achievements, emotional intelligence, strengths and weaknesses.  Leaders also possess the Executive presence, communications skills with the reliability and authority to influence others, the ability to prioritize, delegate and set goals with a strategy to achieve them.  We help you get there.

Career Change & Transitions

At KMS we have a history of successfully handling many search engagements and for every candidate presented to clients, they are coached on how to get hired.  In addition, we serve the community in the presentation of workshops and seminars to assist individuals in their transition.  Coaching includes the following:

  • Marketing, branding, writing or editing of the resume
  • Job Search Strategy
  • How to interview and the skills required
  • Networking Skills: How to, What to do and where to go
  • Differentiating Resume & LinkedIn Profile
  • Pivot planning during economic and industry changes
  • Mapping your career to be gainfully employed
  • How to work with a recruiter

Leadership Development

Great leaders possess the power of greatness within, including humility.  It is a matter of harnessing and developing the talent.  It begins with desire and the energy to run your race with excellence.  It could be in anyone and everyone.  As President of KMS, I have short tracked my experience from mid to senior level management, changed my career, learning new skills and gaining more knowledge; pivoted during three recessions and started a business that has lasted 30 years.  Success is dependent on some of the following, which I have experienced firsthand:

  • Willingness to take risks
  • Overcoming challenges and fear
  • Management Skills
  • Process Development
  • Leading Teams
  • Influencing without Authority
  • Time Management
  • Career Advancement Coaching
  • Navigating Office Politics








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