The strengths of a strategic approach


KMS Associates brings to the recruiting process customized solutions, a systematic approach and uncompromising commitment, which promises results to meet dynamic business challenges and needs in today’s market and beyond.  This is demonstrated in the type of search tasks that we have completed for executive and management roles.

Our process consists of four important quadrants, each of which cohesively contributes towards accomplishing results that have met or exceeded expectations.  Often, the hires have demonstrated a high level of performance, remained relevant to a company’s objectives, and have evolved and grown along with the company, long after we brought them together.
The four quadrants that define our process are Engagement, Distinctiveness, Ingenuity and Wisdom.


We have found that the key to achieving long-term sustainability and results involves interactive and collaborative efforts.
› We ask our clients strategic questions to learn about their culture, workplace dynamics, expectations, challenges and critical deliverables.
› We positively engage clients and candidates with empathy, respect and enthusiasm.
› We identify client objectives and focus on the performance needed to achieve them.
› We are driven to understand what works for our clients as well as the people we recruit and attract.


We recognize that the ability to accurately interpret the needs of a client is just part of the equation. Job descriptions are mere shells without the vision and energy of the right people.
› We infuse life into a position through a performance hiring methodology.
› Our interviewing techniques focus on identifying the best combination of accomplishments, abilities, character, motivation, skills and   experience.
› We are adept at discerning the compatibility equation of a candidate with other team members and client objectives.
› We go beyond the obvious to detect any unconscious agenda and resistance.


Companies that seek the right kind of people know that settling for what they can afford is running half the race.
› We employ customized search methods to seek and attract talent.
› We complement new technology search tools with traditional methods to achieve desired results.
› We go beyond and do not settle for what’s readily available in our quest for the right talent.
› Our methods are performance-driven and flexible to quickly adapt to fit client specifications


Finding the right people is a skill that we have perfected over 25 years of recruiting practices, acquiring insights and market intelligence along the way. Conditioned by years of gauging client needs, not unlike a finely tuned GPS, we have become experts in accurately navigating the talent landscape.
› We apply an in-depth discovery, discernment and judgment to the interview and selection process.
› We can penetrate staffing situations, unravel clues and tailor a search to our client needs.
› By being proactive and intuitive in applying our experience, we bring a fresh perspective to search methods.
› We see ourselves as a strategic partner who can provide clients with expert counsel during the process.

The advantage of adaptability

The WIDE (Wisdom, Ingenuity, Distinctiveness, Engagement) approach to talent acquisition and search consultancy is a proprietary tool that KMS Associates has developed and is uniquely adaptable to the changing requirements of our clients.  We have consistently demonstrated its potential to minimize the time involved in a search process and also optimize client investment through the use of strategically sound methodologies to produce results that resonate well with our clients.  Our objectives are to foster a spirit of excellence in our actions and create win-win situations for all concerned, our clients and the talent we attract.

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