An Advocate in Finding Solutions to Hiring Needs


A brief message from Karen Sadowski, president and founder of KMS Associates that defines how and why it does what it does
best – bringing people and companies together.


My aim in founding KMS Associates was to establish a recruiting service that is dynamically positioned to explore and discover compatibility equations between people and companies and bring them together to create extraordinary results.  As a connector, I believe in the integrity of the search and hiring process.

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins asks, “Can a good company become a great company and if so, how?” Making a rigorous A+ selection in hiring leaders, retaining the right people for the right jobs, reassigning and reallocating responsibilities and letting the wrong people go are some of the ingredients mentioned in his bestselling book. Essentially, one or more companies could have the same strategy, hire different people and get different results.  The role that I envision for KMS Associates is to be the talent acquisition partner in your quest for excellence by delivering the right fit of people whose performance achieve remarkable results and goals.  The people you hire have the potential to make a difference in the future success of your company. Assisting you in this regard are the collective knowledge, experience and resources of KMS developed over 25 years in the recruiting industry plus a personal enjoyment of mine – to experience the satisfaction of not merely finding people but discovering people with great potential and bringing them to companies who value this.  In this sense, I see KMS as an agent of change for the better.

About Karen Sadowski

Karen’s promise is to align passion and purpose on both sides of the hire.  An unbiased approach to discovery and an understanding that each talent has something of value to offer and, if not with our client, KMS validates this talent and seeks to guide them toward something that will make sense and allow them to evolve.  Inspiring confidence is her track-record of having interviewed, interacted and recruited highly talented professionals, executives, managers and key support on a local and national level for law firms, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, associations and non-profit organizations.  Her previous achievements include assisting in the start-up of a personnel search firm where she was involved with business development and recruiting for mid-to senior management and support positions. Prior to her entrepreneurial role in the search service and career counseling industry, Karen has earned experience in senior management.  She received her Master of Science from Georgetown University, magna cum laude, and her Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami.

Our Purpose

To be a catalyst for your greatness by creating for our clients and candidates, synergistic opportunities to grow, evolve and realize their goals.

Community Investment

Karen contributes to the community through volunteerism and charitable giving.

Career Network Ministry: Invited to speak and conduct a workshop for groups of people seeking employment in the Washington, DC area.  Topic of discussion:  The Application of Emotional Intelligence on the Interview and in the Workplace.

Women’s Committee for the Washington Ballet:  Involved in the fundraising for the organization.

Wounded Warrior Mentor Program:  As a mentor, provide career counseling and life coaching to Armed Service veterans who have sustained injury or trauma during their service.




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