We endeavor to create a great hiring experience.


“I have worked with KMS Associates for 15 years and have found the service to exceed my expectations. There is a lot of care and thought that goes into the right fit. I’ve been so pleased that I would recommend KMS Associates whenever asked for a referral.”

Laurie Kirby, Administrator, DC Law Office of Int’l Firm

“KMS’s placement services are professional and flexible, with an objective of always meeting the needs of the customer. I have always found that their candidates are a very high caliber and KMS has a sincere interest in making the best placements possible both for the client and the candidate. Initially and months after the placements, KMS follows up with the candidates and the clients to insure that the placement has been a success and if any problems develop they offer to get involved to help smooth them out. I would highly recommend KMS Associates.”

Donna Tanenbaum, VP Administration, StarBand

“KMS Associates proved to be an invaluable resource in finding highly qualified professional candidates in a very meager labor pool.”

Elizabeth I. Fediay, HR Director, NAIS

“Karen placed me in an opportunity, which progressed to a promotion. Subsequently, we have utilized her services in hiring the best fit for key positions within the organization. She understands our culture and adheres to the needs for confidentiality and attributes that go beyond the job description”

KP, Director of Operations, Non-Profit

“… fantastic work. I have worked with Karen Sadowski for more than a decade and she has proven to be our most successful recruiter of the highest quality talent for our office. Karen has assiduously worked to provide us with candidates who are of the highest caliber. We retain her exclusively because she has found the most successful candidates we have hired in the positions we asked her to fill. Her network of top tiered candidates is unparalleled. Karen has proven indispensable to our hiring needs.”

Steven Emerson, President, SAE Productions.

“We have selected KMS for engaged management searches, which have resulted in hires. During the process of the search, Karen was collaborative, thoughtful and accessible. There were no worries or issues; she kept me updated and she demonstrated a steady persistence in adhering to a course of action until we found the right fit for our firm” “We are very fortunate that you introduced us… He is doing a wonderful job. He has earned the respect of the DC office and his chief colleagues in NY. I am glad that he is enjoying his experience at PW. We hope to have him for a long time…”

Eric Sekler, Executive Director, Paul Weiss

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