Navigating a Successful Search & Career Course

Catalyst for Achieving Goals

Today’s economic climate evokes thought leaders to recognize that success depends on the willingness to change business paradigms and transform the consciousness within.   There is also an increasing demand for career transitions and developing skills to remain competitive and relevant in a new marketplace.

KMS  solves hiring challenges and avoids miss-hires by providing high caliber talent for executives, managers and professionals.

Our career coaching supports individuals going through change, guiding them toward something that will make sense and allow them to evolve.

We serve to be a valuable resource and advisor to our clients by delivering the results for meeting the challenges in the marketplace.

Our success is measured in terms of yours.




“I have worked with KMS Associates for 15 years and have found the service to exceed my expectations. There is a lot of care and thought that goes into the right fit. I’ve been so pleased that I would recommend KMS Associates whenever asked for a referral.”